Welcome to the School Life section!

At Far Eastern Private School, we prioritize the happiness of the students and parents. Staying true to our mission and vision, the school ensures that academic excellence is the main priority. FEPS aims to be globally competitive through its affiliations, school facilities, transportation services, rules and regulations, ensuring integration across all sectors.


Far Eastern Private School offers a variety of facilities to enrich and complement the learning development of our students in both Al Shahba and Al Azra campuses.

  • Building

  • The school is comprised with numerous instructional rooms, faculty rooms, science laboratories (Biology, Chemistry, Physics), computer laboratories, library (learning resource center), multipurpose hall and activity rooms. In addition, students have both indoor and outdoor playing areas. Sports facilities are also included to encourage active living. A canteen is also present to provide the students and staff with affordable snacks.

  • Security and Emergency

  • Security of the students is one of FEPS’ main priority. With this, the school is safeguarded by the security staff. Fire drills are regularly conducted for staff and students to know the meet up point to evacuate in the case of a fire emergency.

    The school is also equipped with a clinic to address first-aid cases of students and staff by a licensed nurse and doctor.

    The school also faces regular inspections from the Sharjah Municipality, Ministry of Health and Civil Defense to ensure it is performing up to standards.

  • Sustainability

  • Far Eastern Private School addresses the importance for a greener environment. Awareness is raised amongst the FEPSian family of staff and students to encourage sustainability. In order to be environmentally responsible, plastic and paper are encouraged to be recycled, running water taps are encouraged to be conserved, and lights are encouraged to be turned off after leaving the classrooms.

Computer Lab
School Ground